Legal Policies

We know it isn’t fun but we feel being transparent and upfront is best, plus we have some legal obligations. This page outlines our Standard Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures which apply when you acquire services through Resolver Group.

Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Standard Form of Agreement

Our Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) outlines our Standard Terms and Conditions for customers who signup via our website and do not have a genuine opportunity to negotiate a custom price on their services.

Standard Form of Agreement (PDF)

Critical Information Summaries (CIS) - Telco

Per the requirements of the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (TCP Code) and for your own benefit, we have Critical Information Summaries available for all of our Residential and Small Business Telco Services. All current CIS’s are available below.

SIP Trunking Plans:
PAYG SIP Trunking (PDF)
National SIP Trunking (PDF)
Mobile Saver SIP Trunking (PDF)
Ultimate SIP Trunking (PDF)

Service Schedules

The below Service Schedules outline the General, Service Specific, terms for our services. These schedules apply to all customers who purchase these services from Resolver Group, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

SIP Trunking (PDF)
Microsoft 365 Backup (PDF)

Acceptable Use Policies

Our Acceptable Use Policy defines what we consider Acceptable Use of the Services we provide. In an effort to minimise the amount you need to read, we have broken our Acceptable Use Policy down into per Service Type Policies. All of these Policies are available below.

Acceptable Use Policy – Voice Services 

Scam Calls Policy and Advice

Resolver Group has a Zero Tolerance Policy to using our Services for Scam/Spam Calling Purposes, as stated in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of Spam Calls is increasing throughout our society as services are becoming easier to acquire and we are moving to doing more remotely. To help you with understanding what a Scam Call is and what to do if you get one, we provide the below Consumer Advice Document on Scam Calls.

This document is provided in accordance with Telecommunications Industry Code 661:2020 – Reducing Spam Calls

Scam Calls Consumer Advice (PDF)

Appointment of Authorised Representative

If you would like to Appoint someone to act on your behalf when working with Resolver Group you may do so by completing the below form or by calling our team on 1800 497 152 during Business Hours.

Appointment of an Authorised Representative Form (PDF)

Direct Debit Policy

Our Direct Debit Policy outlines how we handle Direct Debit Payments, including how they are applied to your account, when they are taken and what we do in the event a payment fails. Please ensure you read this document before agreeing to a Direct Debit from Resolver Group.

Direct Debit Policy (PDF)

Privacy Policy

We understand that the Privacy and Security of your information is of the utmost important to you and we want to ensure that you are aware of how we handle your information. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect and handle your Personally Identifiable Information.

Privacy Policy (PDF)

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