Managed LastPass

Resolver Group’s Managed LastPass solution provides you with all of the benefits of LastPass Business, with support being provided by our local team of specialists.


Why use Resolver Group for LastPass

Resolver Group’s MSP Team are able to assist you with the setup and Management of your LastPass Subscription, whilst adding it to your monthly invoice from us, rather than having it billed separately.

Our Australian-based team also provides all support with your LastPass Subscription when you take up our managed service, making it easier for you to get help when it is needed. Additionally, we will help with setting up policies to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your LastPass Subscription.


Account review to ensure optimal benefits

Ability to pay monthly instead of annually

Help meet compliance obligations

Backed by our support team

What is LastPass

LastPass is a Password Manager that can help you to securely store and manage your passwords and other sensitive information. It uses advanced encryption to protect stored information, and makes it easily accessible from any device.

With LastPass, you and your staff only need to remember one master password to be able to access your various accounts, whilst keeping your accounts secure and using different passwords on all services. This can help save time and reduce the risk of security breaches due to weak or reused passwords.

LastPass also includes a number of additional features, such as the ability to store secure notes, a secure password generator and the ability to securely share logins with others where required.


Self Sign Up

Self Sign Up

If you are comfortable configuring your LastPass yourself, and just want the benefit of having access to our Australian support team and the option to pay monthly, you can sign up for LastPass below.

Alternatively, you can contact our team who are able to help with designing and implementing a custom solution to fit your needs.

Support is still provided by Resolver Group directly, even for self-service sign ups


Important Information

  • As a Managed Service, Support for your LastPass Subscription is provided directly by Resolver Group and not by LastPass. You must contact Resolver Group for all Support Queries related to your LastPass Subscription. Support is available during our Standard Business Hours, you will need to submit a ticket for all Support Queries related to your LastPass Subscription. 
  • Licenses for LastPass do not automatically provision and may take up to 1 Business Day to be assigned.
  • “Families as a Benefit” grants a personal LastPass Account plus 5 additional Licenses for sharing with the users/employees family and friends whilst their Business Account is active. This has been designed to help improve adoption and compliance with using LastPass.
  • Advanced MFA and Advanced SSO are Addon Services and charged at an additional cost.
  • Free User Training is provided through both the Resolver Group and LastPass Portals. Paid In Person Training is available but at an additional cost.
  • All Users also receive a free Personal License whilst their Business License is active. These can be linked to allow your users/employees to store their Personal Passwords within LastPass on their Personal Account instead of their Business Account but manage them both from a single login. This is included to help get your users used to using LastPass and encourage adoption and compliance.

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